Eliminate Manual Processing and Digital Gaps

While your organization has probably optimized core processes, when those processes have to interact, inefficiencies occur. Oftentimes, this is due to legacy systems, manual processes, organizational boundaries and human factors. Our unique approach toward process improvement starts with a deep analysis of where your digital gaps exist and what simple solutions we can implement that will bring you towards the most efficient result.

We combine the traditional process improvement methods found in manufacturing, such as LEAN Six Sigma, with cutting-edge, bespoke technology to offer a solution that cannot be matched by other competing firms.

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Going Beyond Traditional Business Process Improvement

Reduced Environmental Impact

The compliance process of an average cross-border trade transaction generates several pounds of paper mailed back and forth between parties, taking weeks. Of the 170 billion business invoices sent each year less than 10% are truly digital. Shipping-giant Maersk estimates that this process accounts for 20% of the entire shipping procedure, including the physical shipping costs.

Unique Digital Ledger Technology

Because our technology is on the cusp of digital ledger technology, we can access a degree of processes that were previously unable to be automated and offer solutions no other firm can. Lamden software, beginning with the first line of code we developed, has been designed specifically for the automation of processes.

Gaining Efficency through Automation

By digitizing Letter of Credit with blockchain technology and reengineering the entire trade finance process we dramatically boost efficiency by streamlining processes, removing time, and reducing the cost of transacting. The result is a trade finance process that is reduced to hours, instead of the seven days to a month it currently takes.

Lean Six Sigma

We use best in class process improvement techniques applied specifically to integrate your business systems

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Smart Contracts and Documents

Dynamically digitize your paper-based workflows into smart and responsive computer applications with minimal technical work

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Secure and Auditable

Using distributed ledger technology, all of your workflows are immutable and cryptographically secure, preventing fraud and serving as evidence of due diligence and compliance on your behalf as an organization

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Our Process and Production

Our state-of-the-art custom blockchain system delivers high throughput against a rich smart contracting environment allowing us to propose and implement the best solutions for your specific business process need.

Here are a few case studies where Lamden demonstrates that blockchain can distrupt bureaucratic norms:

Trade Finance

Reduce the process from 7-10 days down to mere hours

" Most inefficiencies are due to the manual processing and approval of repetitive standardized forms. When multiple parties are required to sign off on a transaction, the time it takes to approve said contract skyrockets.Our software can digitize these otherwise complex contractual agreements and approval processes into a single workflow... "


Dispute resolution becomes quick and simple

" Service Level metrics could be part of the Smart contract along with pre-agreed penalties or rewards according to the SLA. As Blockchain is immutable and records can’t be tampered, events such as poor service are automatically recorded and penalties processed without any need to handle them manually to correct the settlements. "

Comerica Covenants

Lamden defines a structure that can represent different covenants

" 74% percent of bankers said the implementation of a central loan administration system had either significantly increased or increased efficiency of portfolio management. For large portfolios each percent of improvement / lower loss equals multimillion savings. "

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