Our Team

Meet Lamden Team

Stuart Farmer

Leadership & Execution

Stuart has been a creative developer all of his life and introduced to the blockchain world in 2010. After seeing the massive inefficiencies in the current distributed systems landscape and frustrations with the current offerings, he decided to embark on a path to produce the next great piece of software that would be ubiquitously used in the next generation of financial technologies.

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Davis Haba

Protocol Development

Davis is responsible for protocol design and implementation of our blockchain and maintains high quality assurance that our system remains secure in a trustless environment. He primarily works on our blockchain protocol with auxillary interests in high concurrency programming, low level languages, and computer science theory.

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Falcon Wong

Smart Contracting

Falcon has contributed tremendously to Lamden in the means of developing the first distributed systems testing library from the ground up that has played a fundamental role in making sure our software gets tested properly. He has also architected much of the smart contracting language protocol which requires machine level manipulation of the Python VM.

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Raghu Chalasani

System Architect

Raghu has developed distributed systems since before blockchain was a concept. In 2002, he worked on grid computing clusters to optimize CPU hardware through intense algorithms that required high performance computing technology. He now brings over a decade of experience to the blockchain world creating new innovations such as Lamden's parallel block execution model that is responsible for our high throughput.

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Tejas Dave

Distributed File Systems

Tejas comes from a deep background of distributed and fault tolerant file systems that are used for enterprise applications in data centers. Through his advanced knowledge, Tejas has developed one of the first blockchain sharding algorithms that clusters the storage of nodes together in a trustless way reducing the storage requirements for full nodes by 87.5%.

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Colin McGrath

Network Implementation

Colin's passion for blockchain perhaps exceeds his passion for startups. Having worked as one of the first hires for companies such as Ring, Colin thrives where the future is being made. His skills as a developer often push past the status quo, propelling the firms he works for into the next era of technology. He brings this attitude to Lamden having made public contributions to projects such as Zencash.

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Ethan Crowther

Business Development

Ethan comes from a background of building businesses in emerging markets. While it takes an advanced skill set to grow a company to a valuation of 8 - 9 figures, it takes an exceedingly more advanced skill set to do it in a market where the rules are changing rapidly. Because of this, he fits perfectly in the business style of blockchain where the norms are changing by the week and the rules are being rewritten twice as fast.

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Jason Yoakam

Marketing Manager

Jason is a digital marketing professional with a focus on marketing automation. He is the founder of a small-shop agency, Reach Digital, that has helped a number of small businesses successfully take the leap from concept to brand to sales. Additionally, Jason has acted as a consultant to notable marketing agencies working for a number of multi-million dollar companies. With the advent of the crypto scene, Jason now specializes in marketing blockchain technologies.

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